Happy Half Term Holidays

Hope you all have a lovely half term.

Be safe and see you all on Monday 06th June 2016



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The White Cup

On Saturday 21st May, Trewirgie A and B tag rugby team went to Camborne School to play in the rugby tournament for the White Cup. The finalists would then go to Camborne Rugby Club to play in front of roughly six thousand spectators.

We started the day by training and then playing seven other teams, and we won all of the matches!

We went to Camborne Rugby Club and watched the first half of the Cornwall vs Surrey match.

At half time we played Coverack and won 6 – 2. We got to proudly lift the White Cup, Trewirgie Tag Rugby Champions again!!

We then watched the second half of the Cornwall game, and it was great to see them win too.

written by Luca and Ollie Year 62 1

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Year 4 Fundraising – Just A Drop!

Our Year 4 children have been selling loom band bracelets, biscuits and cakes and next week they will add milkshakes at break times. They will add up all the monies raised and add it to their Year Group total for the charity.

Well done for all your support so far!


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Year 4 WOW – Friday 15th April 2016

ellieYear 4’s dressed up in blue, or other associated ‘water’ clothing for a special day to  introduce our new geographical topic: “How does water affect our environment ?” The day was dedicated to various science, art, problem-solving and research water related tasks. The children were free to roam and choose activities they were  interested in among our new immersive classrooms.

The firm favourites were the canal lock play set including pumps, boats and cranes as well as the Monster Mega Bubble Maker which even made a bubble to encapsulate Mr Butcher !

Your child may have told you about syphoning, capillary action, magic tricks, plasticine boats to carry marbles or how many drops of water can fit on a penny. We also painted raindrops, used the iPads, investigated chromatography (made a pentatonic scale on a coke bottle) and competed to suck up the most water in a minute.

John in 4T said “ I wish we could turn back time and do it all over again as it was brilliant” We hope your children came home buzzing about our new  learning and told you lots of facts they had learnt.


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Easter Holidays

We would like to wish you all a wonderful Easter, with lots of fun and chocolate.

Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 15.12.53

We will see you on Monday 11th April.


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Goodbye Mr James

Thank you Trewirgie Junior School for making my job so enjoyable each day! I’m sadly off to a very sunny Dubai to teach Year Five children from around the globe, although I’m leaving a lovely class of children, I am still very excited! I have loved my time at Trewirgie Junior School, it is a very special school because of the special children in it! As I said in assembly on Wednesday, the School motto is ‘My Best Always’ and I can’t think of a better way to live your life as a child or adult. I wish all the best for the current Year Six’s and my class with their SATS, seeing how hard they have worked and the mature workers they have become has been a pleasure to watch. I hope all the children in the School continue to work hard and achieve everything they desire in life. Follow your dreams, only you can make them happen!

Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 15.08.46Mr James

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Blue Peter Award

Well Done Kassii!!!

Kassii wrote to Blue  Peter to let them know about her project ‘Our Wonderful World’. Not only did they acknowledge the brilliant work she had done but they rewarded her with an iconic  Blue Peter Badge.

They took time to write her a lovely thank you letter and present her with a Blue Peter Badge Card which gives her free access to over 200 Blue Peter Badge Attractions.


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Laura Penhaul Comes Back to Trewirgie

pe 2The extravaganza of the visits by Laura started last year in April 2015 when she came to our school with Doris, her rowing boat. In that year we have had a rowing day that raised several hundred pounds and shared a phone call with Laura while she was in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. All of the money raised in the Carol Concert went to the Coxless Crew charity as well.

After her months of rowing to Australia, Laura came back and revealed that she rowed 8446 miles in 9 months! All of the time that she was away we kept an eye on how the team was getting on. When she arrived in Cairns we had a special assembly to celebrate. Today, Laura came back to visit us and answered some of the     questions that we had about her amazing journey. So far we have raised over £1600 that goes to the Coxless Crew’s chosen charities: Breast Cancer Care and the female servicewomen supported by the Walking Wounded charity. Laura has already raised £50000 towards the charity! Hopefully it will save many lives.

Now, Trewirgie children are inspired by Laura and are calling her the local hero. In assembly, she often said that our school motto keeps inspiring her even though she left the school a long time ago. Lots of pupils have been saying they want to achieve things as great as she did. Well done Laura!

My Best Always!


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Donation of Artefacts prompted by Trewirgie Juniors Appeal

A couple of weeks ago some thieves broke in to Geevor Tin Mine and stole some artefacts that were used for the children’s education workshop.  Mrs. Hodson’s Year 6  English group were so upset about it they decided to write a letter to the thieves in the hope that they would be returned.  All the children wrote an individual letter and bits were taken from them to create one letter which was published in the Cornishman.

Following on from this, one Cornishman reader, who was the granddad of a former Trewirgie Junior pupil George and his little sister, Neytiri who attends Trewirgie Infant school, he decided that he would like to donate some of his collection of mining artefacts  to Geevor Tin Mine to replace the stolen ones. George and his family came to Trewirgie along with the Geevor Tin Mine manager, Mark Cragg and an ex-miner called AJ to present the donated items.

You can find the story in this weeks West Briton


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Year 5 examples of Artwork

These are beautiful examples of Year 5 Nought’s and Crosses Project ‘SUSTAINABILITY‛.

Amazing work on your 3D sculptures Chloe, Daniel and Letitia.

1 2 3



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