6H Visit The Tate Gallery & Barbara Hepworth Museum

On Monday 1st June class 6H went to the Tate Gallery and Barbara Hepworth Museum. In the morning we were split into two groups. One went to the Tate Gallery and the other went to the Barbara Hepworth Museum and then we swapped over.

We travelled to St Ives by bus and then we got into our groups. In the Tate Gallery we were given an art book and a sketching pencil. We were given a little tour explaining about the amazing artwork they had on display. After we were led into a room with different coloured ribbons with wishes on them. You had to pick which wish you wanted then you tied it on your wrist in 3 knots and when it fell off your wish had been granted.

Next we were all hungry so we went for lunch in the Barbara Hepworth Garden. It was a beautiful place to have lunch.

After lunch we went down to the Barbara Hepworth Museum. First we looked at some of her amazing sculptures. She used many techniques and materials to create many different pieces of art. Lots of them had holes in them! Outside we looked at line and form and practised different art techniques. The garden  was peaceful and very beautiful.

The trip was really interesting and we can’t wait to make our own sculptures.

Written by Megan Schofield and Jordan Rees, 6H




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