Camborne School of Mines Trip

Photo 1 (1)On Wednesday 16th September 6W went to Camborne School of Mines, before we could go on the trip we had to do English and Maths. The morning passed slowly. Finally, lunched arrived and we were all buzzing with excitement. Everyone gobbled their lunch down and waited impatiently. When the call came for us to leave we all sprinted in to the gym and sat down. Miss Wills counted us then split us into groups of 15. Next, we walked to the minibuses and so the trip began!


After 20 minutes we got to the Mine, first we put on our helmets and with help from a friend we attached the lights. Before we entered the mine we were shown how a safety fuse is used. We had to count from when the safety fuse was lit until when it spat. Each centimetre burnt for 1 second.  Lots of people got 53 but the length was actually 10cm so it took 40 seconds. We then entered the mine…


On the wall at the entrance there were two boards. We had to move our number up to show how many of us were inside. The guide told us that Holmans used to test their machines in the mine. We saw a drill and a drilling machine. We learnt how the drill could hammer and rotate. We walked over to a wall full of holes! We learnt that the middle hole was blasted first then, in sequence, the other holes were blasted.


After that, we walked to the large empty bit of the mine. This is where we learnt about three different ways of exploding. Next  we all turned off our lights. It was pitch black, darker than anywhere on the surface. It was fun!  After we had turned our lights back on we headed to the end of the path. We all counted down from 3 and shouted FINE! We waited to see if anyone came, then Miss Wills turned a key. BOOM! An explosion went. We could feel the force even thought we were about 10 meters from the blast.


As we exited the mine we had to move our number to show we had left. Our class had a great day and I hope the other classes enjoyed it too.

Written by Lilli

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