Donation of Artefacts prompted by Trewirgie Juniors Appeal

A couple of weeks ago some thieves broke in to Geevor Tin Mine and stole some artefacts that were used for the children’s education workshop.  Mrs. Hodson’s Year 6  English group were so upset about it they decided to write a letter to the thieves in the hope that they would be returned.  All the children wrote an individual letter and bits were taken from them to create one letter which was published in the Cornishman.

Following on from this, one Cornishman reader, who was the granddad of a former Trewirgie Junior pupil George and his little sister, Neytiri who attends Trewirgie Infant school, he decided that he would like to donate some of his collection of mining artefacts  to Geevor Tin Mine to replace the stolen ones. George and his family came to Trewirgie along with the Geevor Tin Mine manager, Mark Cragg and an ex-miner called AJ to present the donated items.

You can find the story in this weeks West Briton


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