Explorer Dome visits Trewirgie!

Year 6

On Tuesday 22nd June each class went into the science Dome that was set up in the school gym. It is the forth year that year 6 went in and this year we learnt about digestion. We had a man called Josh and a lady called Bea teach us.

We went through the tunnel and into the inflated dome. We learnt where our food goes and had a journey from plate to the toilet. Bea and Josh used a combination of science experiments and projections to illustrate the changes your food goes through. There was a life size model of the intestines which was so long it took the whole class to hold. It is amazing to think it’s all curled up inside!

My favourite bit was when Bethany had to mix all the food into a bucket, then Tilo poured in a flask of dry ice. This was to show how the enzymes help to break down the food in your stomach. It was funny when smoke flowed out over the top of the bucket, we thought it was going to explode! The dome is a great way to teach science.—Ellie

Year 5

First we had to take our shoes off so we could crawl through the tunnel to make it into the dome, it was very dark! When we were all in, Bea and Josh taught us all about forces  such as gravity and friction. They made it easy to understand and remember. It was truly memorable.—Leyton

It was pitch black inside and when the lights came on it was a rainbow of colour.-Elliot

I learnt that dry ice can be used as rocket fuel.”-Aaran

Year 4

We learnt all about space in the explorer dome! Josh and Bea taught us about Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto! The best bit was when all the stars spun around except the north star which stayed still and it made us so dizzy! – Leah & Daisy

I enjoyed learning about constellations.—Noah Taylor

Max said he liked the fact that there is a black hole in every galaxy.—Harley Bishop

Year 3

We learnt all about sound in the dome. It was really exciting. We learnt lots of facts. It was very dark inside! – Class 3I


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