Laura Penhaul and The Coxless Crew

Community Spirit: Trewirgie Junior School turn out in full support of

Laura Penhaul and The Coxless Crew


Thank you so much for your support with today. Mr. James began our rowing effort at 8am. Dressed as his hero Harry Kane, he rowed for an hour whilst the rest of us got ready for the long day ahead. Every child has had the opportunity to row for a minute and at least one rowing machine has been in action for the whole day.


The assembly was a very special occasion. The children impressed us with their costumes and many different types of heroic characters were represented. These not only included various superheroes, but real-life heroes were out in force such as police officers; fire wardens; paramedics; servicemen and women; doctors; nurses; mums; dads and siblings. There was also plenty of pink in recognition of the Coxless Crew and the charities they are supporting.


The highlight of assembly were having a satellite conversation with Laura and Emma whilst they are rowing across the Pacific. It’s amazing to think that they could join us for assembly from so far away-even 500 miles from Samoa they had a better signal than some places much closer to home! The phone cut out a couple of times but the children were very patient and, via speakerphone, heard the ladies talk about the challenges they face and the types of wildlife they have seen on their trip. Millie, Ellie and Imogen from year 6 asked the questions and coped very well with the time delay!  At the end of the conversation we gave the ladies a huge cheer and wished them well for the rest of their journey.


The cake stall was full of tasty offerings that were enjoyed by both children and adults; thank you for supporting your children with buying or baking them. All of the money raised will be donated to the Coxless Crew’s chosen charities of Breast Cancer Care and Walking With The Wounded.


It has been a fantastic day with every member of the school community, quite literally, pulling in the same direction for a worthy cause. I’m sure it has been an occasion that will be long remembered by everyone concerned. At the end of our phone call, Laura urged me to pass on her heartfelt thanks for your continued support. Who knows, perhaps she’ll come and visit us to tell us a bit more about her adventures when she returns to England-in 3 months’ time!


Thank you everyone.


Daniel Simons


On behalf of Mrs Sargent, many thanks to Mr Simons for organising this event. We wish Laura Penhaul and the Coxless Crew every success in their mission to raise money for a  very worthy cause. £271.67 raised so far!





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One Response to Laura Penhaul and The Coxless Crew

  1. Ray & Babs Penhaul says:

    Hi, Babs and I are truly humbled by the commitment, enthusiasm and energy given by all concerned in raising money for Breast Cancer Care and Walking with the Wounded on behalf of Laura and the Coxlesscrew, absolutley amazing. As shown by Trewirgie Junior School its staff and pupils teaching isn’t just about maths, english and geography etc it’s also about social awareness, empathy, care and commitment and every other aspect of life a child needs to succeed in this society and Trewigie has always encouraged this and I am sure they always will.
    Best wishes,
    Ray & Babs Penhaul


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