Laura Penhaul Comes Back to Trewirgie

pe 2The extravaganza of the visits by Laura started last year in April 2015 when she came to our school with Doris, her rowing boat. In that year we have had a rowing day that raised several hundred pounds and shared a phone call with Laura while she was in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. All of the money raised in the Carol Concert went to the Coxless Crew charity as well.

After her months of rowing to Australia, Laura came back and revealed that she rowed 8446 miles in 9 months! All of the time that she was away we kept an eye on how the team was getting on. When she arrived in Cairns we had a special assembly to celebrate. Today, Laura came back to visit us and answered some of the     questions that we had about her amazing journey. So far we have raised over £1600 that goes to the Coxless Crew’s chosen charities: Breast Cancer Care and the female servicewomen supported by the Walking Wounded charity. Laura has already raised £50000 towards the charity! Hopefully it will save many lives.

Now, Trewirgie children are inspired by Laura and are calling her the local hero. In assembly, she often said that our school motto keeps inspiring her even though she left the school a long time ago. Lots of pupils have been saying they want to achieve things as great as she did. Well done Laura!

My Best Always!


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