Maths Week


On Wednesday and Thursday Trewirgie Junior hosted Maths workshops for Maths Week.

We arrived at school and we were lined up in a special order for assembly. After a talk from Mr Simons and Miss Trevethan, we went off to do some activities such as coding, business, RAF survival skills and lots more. That was just the Wednesday!

In coding we could make games and animations. In Business we learned about income and outgoings. John Trout (a man from the RAF) talked to us about surviving in the wild and how maths can help you. We did childcare and I was surprised on how much maths was involved.

On Thursday we were ready for another action packed day and we got one with activities from Formula One to animal care and sports to chocolate.

I really enjoyed Maths Week. I would love to do it again. It really showed me how important maths is.

Written by Ellen & Callan


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