SITA trip Bodmin

Last week Year 5 went to SITA in Bodmin to the recycling centre.

We went inside to see how things are recycled. In the learning room we had a talk and discussed what sort of things could be recycled, reduced or reused. After that we look at some different peoples lunch boxes to compare to see which were sustainable and which were not… there was one with lots of thing that would be rubbish.

We then split into two groups, one group had to make a model out of junk (reusing). The other group put on jackets and headsets and went into the actual recycling centre. We could see from the walk way that we were on all of the trucks and forklifts. It was really interesting to see how they unloaded the recycling trucks and how they also sorted the recycling using a forklift (with lots of different attachments on the ends).

After lunch we swapped over. When both groups had made a model and been into the recycling centre we watched some videos that showed us how the things taken into a recycling centre and then made into new things. Such as, glass is crushed then melted to make new bottles. Newspapers go into a special washing  machine and come out with no ink so can be made into new paper.

We really enjoyed the quiz at the end were we could use a keypad to show our answers.

It was an amazing   brilliant day, we learnt loads.

Written by Jake and Charleysita


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