Sports Day 2015

With the track washed out over the weekend, many staff were up at the field at 7.15am on Monday morning to ‘create’ a new track.

We are extremely proud of all our pupils who showed tireless team spirit despite the uncertain weather. Congratulations to Grenville for winning Sports Day for the first time since 1996!

Well done to everyone at TJS for making Sports Day such a success. It was great to see so many parents taking part in races, supporting all of the children and creating the ‘My Best Always’ atmosphere that our school prides itself on.


“This is just a quick note to say just how much I enjoyed the Trewirgie Sports yesterday. Firstly what a brave and correct decision to go ahead with it even though the weather was not that promising. This was the first time I’d been to a sports day and I have to say I’m absolutely thrilled that we decided to move our son to Trewirgie where sport is such an important aspect of the curriculum. The children obviously had a great afternoon. They all did their best and it was so touching that those who are talented athletes encouraged and helped others to the finish line. There were some great performances with children in each year group showing skill, speed and massive determination. Most importantly they were very good sports and whether first or last, they finished with a smile. It’s fabulous that they have already learned to enjoy sport and are prepared to give their all. This is no doubt down to the Trewirgie approach to sport that I’ve also witnessed in Football and Tag Rugby too. This Trewirgie approach would not be possible without the wholesale commitment of teaching staff and the support of everybody else in the school. Events such as yesterday’s involve masses of preparation, planning and very professional and efficient execution. It was a triumph and I’d like to pass on my thoughts, thanks and congratulations to all of you. I’d imagine Mr Williams might be a central figure in this – so hopefully without upsetting anyone else, a very special thank you to you. “

“On Monday we went up to the cricket field to do sports day. Bassett came 4th, then Davy came 3rd, followed by Trevithick who came 2nd and Grenville came first. It was so much fun.”-Sarah, Year 4

“It was really challenging.”-Charlie, Year 3

“Sports day was great! There was lots of team encouragement  and enthusiasm by all houses.” – Chloe, Year 6

“Mr Williams set it out very well.” – Amy and Tate, Year 3

“It was exhilarating!”-Lucy, Year 5

“I am in Bassett. We didn’t win but I don’t care that much because I took part and that’s the main thing.”-Ellie, Year 4

“Sports day was super brilliant! Everyone persevered and contributed,”-Ella, Year 6

“We had loads of fun. The winning team was very good and Trevithick were only a point away.”-Thomas, Year 3

“Sports day was awesome and entertaining. We were all included. My favourite part was the dance at the beginning.”- Lauren, Year 6

“Letitia was so fast! The lap race was the best bit.”-Meisha, Year 4

“The lap race was very tiring. I enjoyed the novelty races, even though I tripped over the skipping rope, I carried on.”- Maisie, Year 5

“It was nice to have everyone taking part and to see so many parents participating

by either supporting or taking part. This has a very positive effect on pupils and staff.”-Mr Williams

“Fantastic atmosphere and it was great to see so many parents.”-Ms Cunningham

“The team spirit on the day was fabulous. The children cheered each other on showcasing how they are all supportive, caring, team players. We are very proud.”-Mrs Hathway

“What a sports day! It was lovely to see so many parents, grandparents and friends there to join us. I know that these events are very memorable and special for the children and your attendance makes such a difference to the children. I thought the atmosphere was terrific and that you all displayed the Trewirgie spirit but cheering and encouraging each and every child. Thank you. On Monday we saw children showing amazing speed, strength and determination. We saw children laughing, smiling and having fun. We witnessed real team spirit with children supporting one another, running alongside those who were finding a race challenging. They were such a credit to yourselves and the school and I am immensely proud of them.  I don’t think we’ve ever had such a close result in many years either. Well done to Grenville for winning!” – Mrs Sargent



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