Steam Engine Visits Trewirgie Juniors

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On Tuesday 20th January a steam engine came to TJS! We walked down to the car park in our classes to see a replica of the ‘Puffing Devil’ made by Richard Trevithick.

A man called Kinsley ran it and kept it going but it needs a crew of two men to get it working on the road. The boiler holds eighty gallons of water and it heats up over time. One sack of coal lasts for one hour. It is made entirely out of iron and weighs eleven tonnes. That’s the equivalent of four or five elephants!

The real ‘Puffing Devil’ took five years to make but only lasted five days because after five days it fell into a ditch and broke  beyond repair.

It was a very enjoyable session. We would like to do it again.

Written by Daniel and Abigail  5T

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