The beginning of a brand new year

This week’s focus is on….

The beginning of a brand new year

Dear Parents/Carers,

Welcome back! I hope that your child had a great summer and the poor weather didn’t put too much of a dampener on your plans! It’s been great to see the children returning to school smartly dressed and eager to get started with their learning.

A very warm welcome to  all of our Year 3 children and their parents and to the new children who have joined us in Years 4, 5 and 6. I hope that your child has settled in well and that this is the beginning of a really positive relationship

between home and school. Obviously at times you may have questions or concerns. Please do feel free to pop into the school and have a chat about these. Most queries can be

answered by the office. Class teachers are more than happy to chat too but we would appreciate you speaking to them at the end of the school day as before school they are  preparing for the children’s learning. I am usually around at the  beginning and end of the day also.

Hopefully your child will have been told about their new topic for the term. Please have a look on the school website on your child’s year group page for more details.

At the start of each new topic your child will be given a new Noughts and Crosses grid with nine activities. Last year we were amazed with the standard and creativity from many of our children. We really hope that you are able to encourage and work with your child to produce these pieces of work. The Noughts and Crosses grids are also on the website. Well done to Dominic and India in 6W who checked out the school website in the summer holidays, found the new Noughts and Crosses grid for their topic and have already completed two beautiful pieces of work!  What a fantastic start

This year we will be introducing the children to the 6 learning to learn skills throughout the course of the year. Each skill has a logo, which has been designed by the current Year 6 children. This term our focus will be reflection.

Please see the information below so that you are able to help and support your child with this.



refelction2 reflection3 reflection


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