The Oscars, 2015

On Monday 02nd February, the Oscars came to life at Trewirgie Junior School.

In lessons, pupils got the opportunity to create their own stop motion animation. They created this by using the schools iPads on an app called ‘Stop Motion Animation’. This was a competition so only one group from each class could get through.

The nominees were told they had to wear smart clothes on the day. The red carpet was set, lights were on and so the Oscars had begun! All the children piled into the crowded room. The nominees were called up year by year. The animations were judged by; Marion Simons; Mrs Dann; Mrs Rule and Mr Simpson. The animations were incredible! Each group wrote an acceptance speech, the winners from each year group shared their acceptance speech with everyone. The winners from each group got an Oscars certificate and a gold Oscar statue.

At the end, Marion—from Portreath Bakery—presented her Oscars cake. Dominic won the amazing cake! Eight pupils from 6B sold the raffle tickets. Mrs Blatchford kindly organised the Oscars for us.

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