The Y5 SITA Visit

Newsletter sita 13.03.15

On the 11th March class 5M went on a trip to SITA recycling company.

When we arrived we gazed at the amazing models that were outside and in the reception area. After that we wandered upstairs to the conference room, where we looked at pictures of landfills, sea creatures and recycled buildings.

We then split into two groups. One group went inside the main recycling facility. We had to wear high visibility jackets to be seen clearly. We saw trucks unload the recycling lorry. We also saw the plastic being sorted on a conveyor belt. The milk bottles went down a different shute to the other plastic because they are worth more money.

The other group  made a model of their choice out of recyclable items including pipes, cups, tinfoil and fabrics.

After lunch, we watched some videos of how glass, plastic, paper and metals are recycled. They were very interesting.  We all enjoyed ourselves on this amazing trip. We left with fascinating facts. We would all love to go again.

By Lilli & Harvey Y5

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