The Year 3 ‘Go for Gold’ Performance

On Monday, 23rd March, we did our play to the school and they really liked it, especially when we made them laugh! At the end, everyone joined in the singing with the actions.

On Tuesday, 24th March, we did the play in front of the Infants. It was amazing and all the Infants enjoyed it. I wonder if they will do the play when they are in Year 3?

On Wednesday, 25th March, we performed “Go for Gold” in front of our parents. I had butterflies in my tummy and was worried that I may forget my lines. When we did the jokes, it made our parents happy. Everyone liked looking at Michael because he had a massive red wig and massive glasses. I think the Year 3 children deserve two weeks off after their amazing performance.

Thank you to everyone who generously donated. We raised £135 for the chosen charity, Sport for Socialisation (S4S).

By Connie

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