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We hope you all enjoyed the half term break. With a busy wintery term ahead of us, each year has introduced what they will be doing over the coming weeks as we build up to the much anticipated Christmas Carol Concert.


Year 3

This term we will be continuing with our topic of ‘Ourselves and Our School’ with Science lessons about the human body and activities to expand our knowledge of Trewirgie. We have various exciting trips planned such as a trip to the Cornish Studies Library. We will be taking part in Remembrance celebrations spreading poppies at Victoria Park. We have our Christmas animations to start , Christingles to make and Christmas carols to learn!


Year 4

This term the Year 4’s will be continuing to prepare for our end of term “Joseph” production. We are also continuing to learn about our topic, Egypt. We will be making Egyptian jewellery, sandals, headdresses and collars to add to the costumes we will be making at home. We have just began practising our Christmas carols and the torch dance.


Year 5

Year 5 are continuing with their ‘Food’ topic . We will be studying the timeline of food ranging from World War II up to the present day. We will be learning how it has evolved over the years. In support of our topic we have our ‘Food to Fork’ trip at Tesco’s coming up. We are also going to be busy preparing for the learning fayre. We hope to share this work with you on the 16th December in the afternoon—a date worth adding to your diary.


Year 6

Year 6 will be continuing with their Victorian Mining topic for the remainder of this term. We are looking forward to visiting the Pasty drive though at Wilson Way, Pool, where we will be visiting the kitchens and making our very own pasties. We are also eagerly anticipating our engine houses to be returned after being fired in the kiln. We will also be practicing for the Carol Service where we will be singing solos, playing instruments, reading and perfecting the torch dance.


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