Y6 Engine House Visit

On Wednesday, 30th September, Class 6W went to Cornwall Gold Centre on the way to Portreath to make clay engine houses.

First we started with a lump of clay and rolled it out until it was the same thickness as a tile. We placed the clay on one of the tiles to make the base.

Secondly, we made the walls of the house and played a slip at the bottom to attach the two parts together. Next, we needed to create the chimney stack which was the trickiest part. We had to wrap the clay around our finger to make a cone shape. We placed it on the structure and smoothed out all the joint. We carefully used cocktail sticks to create intricate brick designs on the outside. We marked the windows and created the door, which was later to be cut out.

Finally, we made different sized boulders and grass. To make the grass we pushed little parts of clay through a sieve and pulled the thin streaks of grass off.

Once they have been in the kiln and cooked we will be going back to glaze our masterpieces! This was a really fun project and has shown us new ways of using clay. We can’t wait to return and see how our engine houses turned out.


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