Y6 Spelling Bee

The Year 6 spelling bee was buzzing with excitement! On Thursday 7th of May, apprehensive Trewirgie pupils took part in a spelling competition to find out who was the best at spelling. Competitors chose a hard, medium or easy word, and wrote it down on a whiteboard. If correct, students were awarded 3 house points for a hard word; two for a medium word and one point  for an easy word. Words were picked at random from a box for each category. Once the first round was completed, the four captains—one for each house— went up to face a difficult challenge.

The captains were: Mia Basset, James for Davy, Kyla  for Grenville and Anna for Trevithick. The captains had to spell ten difficult unseen words, in order to earn 3 house points for their house. However, if spelt wrong, 3 points were deducted from their house score. The first captain to stand up and spell it correctly would win the points.

The winning house was…Davy! Well done! With Trevithick coming in second place, Grenville taking the proud place of third and Basset coming forth. Well done everyone.

spelling-bee-clipart-black-and-white-spelling-bee-clip-art-welcome-to-our-newer-fans---hugsWritten by Anna and Kyla


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