Year 4 Explore Egypt

This week our Year 4’s have travelled back in time to 1922 to meet Howard Carter and Lord Carnarvon (namely Miss Kendall and Mrs Rule) and joined them entering the tomb of Tutankhamun.

Pupils have crawled through musty tunnels, examined artefacts and decoded hieroglyphs to become immersed in our Ancient Egyptian topic.

The children have been researching and fact-finding on our iPads, wrapping each other up as mummies, dramatising the tomb entry, drawing and painting as part of our ‘WOW’ as an introduction to the term.

These stimuli are to assist the children in writing descriptive accounts of one of history’s greatest archaeological moments. Next week we will be using clay to reproduce  an authentic artefact. (If any parents would like to join us they are very welcome to assist on Monday afternoon).

We hope your children are coming home bursting with facts and trivia from the Egyptian hey-day, and would like to express our gratitude to our talented ‘actresses’ who have been both entertaining and informative, ‘in-the-tomb’ for three days!


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