Year 4 WOW – Friday 15th April 2016

ellieYear 4’s dressed up in blue, or other associated ‘water’ clothing for a special day to  introduce our new geographical topic: “How does water affect our environment ?” The day was dedicated to various science, art, problem-solving and research water related tasks. The children were free to roam and choose activities they were  interested in among our new immersive classrooms.

The firm favourites were the canal lock play set including pumps, boats and cranes as well as the Monster Mega Bubble Maker which even made a bubble to encapsulate Mr Butcher !

Your child may have told you about syphoning, capillary action, magic tricks, plasticine boats to carry marbles or how many drops of water can fit on a penny. We also painted raindrops, used the iPads, investigated chromatography (made a pentatonic scale on a coke bottle) and competed to suck up the most water in a minute.

John in 4T said “ I wish we could turn back time and do it all over again as it was brilliant” We hope your children came home buzzing about our new  learning and told you lots of facts they had learnt.


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