Year 4’s Kenwyn River Trip

Over the last few weeks Year 4 have been making the most of the glorious weather and combining their geography field trip with literacy and their topic work on ‘Rivers’.

We visited the river Kenwyn in Truro, beginning at a local source and following the river course from Newmills to Two Streams. We then mini-bused the children around the river basin perimeter to the confluence of the rivers at Malpas. The children explored the river and local habitat, learning about contour lines and height above sea level, erosion and deposition and the features and stages of a river. The children also measured  the speed and depth of the river.

We played and lunched at Boscawen Park in the beautiful weather.

We hope the children had lots to talk about when they returned home and that they really enjoyed the outdoors experience, Mrs Tong and the staff certainly did!

The children produced some fantastic creative writing when they returned to school. Please see an extract from one of the pupils work below.

“I am the River Kenwyn, I am bubbling out of the ground. Now I am flowing downwards. Oh, I wish I could go faster and faster, now I am having fun. I’m now deeper, wider and faster! I’m picking up silt, rocks and mud. Oh no, now I can see rocks, bug rocks, hold on a second…ouch! That hurt! I just went over a rock, it was pointy. I believe it’s called a riffle. I’m really excited I’ve got loads of things now. I think I’m at the estuary. Now, I’m feeling salty and I can see the sea! I can’t wait to meet all the sea creatures!”-Written by Ellie

“We went through the fields and woods and Mrs Tong told us all about the course of the river and what you might find as it moves up the sea. Then we ran up a hill which felt more like a mountain! We were 50 meters above sea level. After this we had lunch (yum, yum, yum). In the afternoon we had a paddle (it was cool).”-Written by Mara & Chloe



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