Year 6 Trips


St.Ives Beach


On Friday 15th May the year 6 pupils went to Porthminster beach as a reward for the year 6 SATS exams.

When we arrived we set up the base camp and then went off to play. Some of the boys played football and cricket whilst the girls did gymnastics and sun bathed. We went to get our ice cream at the shop, it was delicious!

Maritime Museum


We arrived at the Maritime Museum very excited! First we went to a room where we met a woman who took us to see a production. It was very interesting considering it was a one man production.

After we went to the Viking voyage were we saw lots of different things to do with Romans and Vikings.

Next, we went down loads of spiral steps to see fish in the harbour. There was a really thick glass window and we saw large and small fish from the harbour. This was one of our favourite parts!

After that we went to the top where we looked through telescopes at the amazing view!

After lunch, we made boats and raced them. James won! We also found out lots of boat names such as narrow and wide kelt.

We were really sad that we had to come home.



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